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We seek to teach individuals about the conservative news of the day, the Republican philosophy, the growing neo-conservative movement, and how to think differently.

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Top Republican Issues

Federal Government

Federal issues from the presidency to international affairs, taxes, and more represent many of the key hot-button conservative issues.

State Policies

Many people underestimate the power of local and state government, and Republican Nation follows conservative leaders and topics in state’s rights.

Social Issues

Learn more about everything from the Lamestream Media to the self-selected decline of the West Coast.


We keep the conversation truly Republican, undiluted by fractioned ideologies.

Politics & Faith

Unlike other podcasts, we're not afraid to tackle issues of faith AND politics.

Real Coverage

We integrate your issues and listener responses into episodes.

Finances & Taxes

Hard-hitting information on national and state financial, tax, and spending policies.

Targeting Weakness

We target the real sources of weakness in liberal and cetrist ideologies.

Data Backed

We look for data-backed information to help cut out the chaff of the discourse.

What Listeners Say

Republican Nation isn't for those who like a slick, super-polished and palatable show. The host looks at the business and social issues through a conservative lens, and interviews a number of right-leaning artists and celebrities, talks to left-of-center entertainers, and throws hard questions they may have not gotten before.
Peter Markson
The topics range from serious discussions on societal issues to sitcom-worthy personal stories and pop-culture musings. You won’t make it through an episode without laughing out loud at least twice. Listen long enough and you'll be quoting along with the hooks.
Janice Ivan

Republican Nation
Brings you the Real Issues

America is beset by an increasing number of issues which threaten this great Republic of ours. Republican Nation pulls no punches to give you the real scoop.

Republican Issues
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Embrace the Republican Future

Progressives in the early 20th century planned to spend 100 years advancing their political goals. Real Republicans must embrace the technology, interests, and ideals which help build and mold a real Republican future in America.

America First

Republican Nation espouses an America-First policy in all aspects.

Conservatism First

Liberal ideals are often dangerous and detrimental to society.

Faith First

Faith-backed policies protect America, and preserve traditional values.